Points are awarded for placings according to veteran standard - best 7 events count. This league is for NBRC first claim members.

Tim and Robert tie for first place, followed by Andy and Chris. Helene was first in the Women's vet league, followed by Steph.

Well done to all, and apologies for the time it's taken to get these league tables sorted.

  Robert Saunders NBRC V 1020
  Tim Bailey NBRC V 1020
  Andy Wickham NBRC V 870
  Chris Hartley NBRC V 620
  Helene Wight NBRC LV 540
  Steph Cousins NBRC LV 380
  Andy Sutton NBRC V 290
  Darren Haydon NBRC V 230
  Neil Boddington NBRC V 140
  John Reed NBRC V 110
  Aaron McCaffrey NBRC V 70
  Dave Price NBRC V 60