A horrible morning faced the five who turned out for the event. I certainly rode out through some heavy rain and this together with the cold and the blustery wind made for some pretty cold riders and timekeepers. At least the rain had stopped for the race itself.  I felt like my legs wouldn't ever get going, but they did by the time I reached the dual carriageway. Tom said I looked pretty good on the return leg, so a combination of deciding that looking good plus being a little alarmed at how fast James was going seems to have done the trick there. Sadly my performance didn't match appearances!

James Fox was the winner by a huge margin, with Tom taking second place. Nathan and Paul filled the rest of the places. John Buchanan looked at the weather and came to photograph rather than ride: here are some photographs of the five intrepid souls who started, courtesy of John Buchanan (on Facebook).

Pos No Name Club Time Cat Vets Std .+ / - Vets Std
1 4 James Fox CC Luton 21.46 V40 25.59 . + 4.13 1
2 5 Tom Krause Eqiupe Velo/NBRC 23.50 Sen.      
3 1 Robert Saunders NBRC 23.58 V55 27.09 .+ 3.11 2
4 3 Nathan Gallavan NBRC 27.18 Sen.      
5 2 Paul Connolly Club Corley 28.57 V44 26.18 .- 2.39 3
Time Keepers:- Steph Cousins & Tony Farmborough NBRC        
Pusher off:- Bryan Scarborough NBRC