Sunday 5th October sees the last club event in 2014, the Club Hill Climb Championship. This will be held on the F5z/H course which, for those of you not versed in bizarre codes, is the Bow Brickhill climb.

The event starts 9am, and we will be meeting in Bow Brickhill near the bottom of the climb. This is a Sunday morning, residents may well be wanting a lie-in, so please keep noise and disruption to a minimum! There's also the matter of roadworks near the start, but they may be complete by 5th October.

As of 4th October, I think the roadworks are still there. Those arriving by car may need to be careful where they park!


Rather a cold, though sunny morning saw a huge number of cyclists at Bow Brickhill for the NBRC Hill Climb Championship. Unfortunately most were only there to cheer the riders up the hill. Some fine rides saw the event win go to Matt Exley (23c), and the fastest NBRC rider was David Price with a rather handy 2:24.5. It sounded as though he'd  done a decent recce to choose the most appropriate gear. For my part, the event was the annual reminder of how much I hate hill climbs - I just don't seem temperamentally suited to them!

Next event is the New Year's Day '10'...

Pos No Name Club Time Cat
1 11 Matt Exley 2-06.3 S
2 4 Richard Golding 2-11.9 V45
3 5 Leigh Smith Alpha RC 2-18.5 S
4 1 David Price NBRC 2-24.5 V46
5 6 Andy Sutton NBRC 2-28.9 V44
6 10 Darren Haydon NBRC 2-31.8 V43
7 8 Louis Carter Team Corley 2-33.5 Jnr.
8 12 Sam Skeggs Team Corley 2-36.2 Juv.
9 2 Neil Boddington NBRC 2-44.3 V39
10 9 Evan Carter Team Corley 2-47.5 Juv.
11 13 Sam Carrington TeamMK 2-53.0 Jnr.
12 3 Robert Saunders NBRC 2-57.9 V54
13 7 Lee Carter unattached 3-19.7 V46
Time keepers:- Steph Cousins & Tony Farmborough NBRC    
Pusher off:- Bryan Scarborough NBRC