Sunday 6th October sees the last club event in 2013 (the final event in the calendar is the New Year's Day '10', but that's in 2014), the Club Hill Climb Championship. This will be held on the F5z/H course which, for those of you not versed in bizarre codes, is the Bow Brickhill climb.

the event starts 9am, and we will be meeting in Bow Brickhill near the bottom of the climb. This is a Sunday morning, residents may well be wanting a lie-in, so please keep noise and disruption to a minimum!


Oh dear, oh dear! This result completely confirms my antipathy towards hill climbs. Bizarrely, it was my arms that suffered more than my legs...but enough of my whining! It was quite a pleasant morning (apart from the hill climb, obviously) and eight riders started. We're grateful to Simon, who'd popped over en route to an ante natal class only to find our regular pusher off a bit crocked and be press-ganged in his place! A fine ride by Matt took the win with a time just a shade over 2 minutes. First NBRC rider was Darren Haydon.

That's that for the club events in 2013 - the next event will be on January 1st, 2014. Watch this space. Many thanks are due the regular start line crew, Tony, Steph and Bryan, who've turned out week in and week out through the season, and in all the elements. They are hugely appreciated!

Pos No Name Club Time
1 8 Matt Exley 2 - 00.7
2 5 James Balding TeamMK 2 - 07.2
3 7 Dave Goodhew TeamMK 2 - 17.3
4 3 Darren Haydon NBRC 2 - 19.1
5 9 Lindz Barral 2 - 22.6
6 10 Graham Line NBRC 2 - 32.3
7 4 Robert Saunders NBRC 2 - 52.0
8 6 Adriana Borowska Unattached 3 - 07.0
Time keepers:- Steph Cousins & Tony Farmborough NBRC  
Pusher off:- Simon Cannings    
Official observer:- Mr. Bryan Scarborough NBRC