This week we're back on the Astwood circuit for a 10 mile event. We're starting at 9am, with entries at £2.50 for members and £3.00 for non-members. Remember to review the course description for details of the course, the meeting point, and the risk assessment if you've not ridden here before.

This event was postponed from 24th August, and is a counting league event (round 7, somewhat out of sequence!).


A really unpleasant morning, so I was quite surprised to see five riders join me on the start line. It was rather cold and windy, with on/off drizzle throughout. The outbound leg from Astwood through Chicheley was rendered rather interesting by what was probably the largest diesel spill I've ever seen on a time trial course, filling almost the whole carriageway, and all the way from Astwood until we turned off after Chicheley. I took that leg rather cautiously, and I suspect the other riders did so as well. Richard Wood took the victory on a particularly hi-tech time trial bike. OK, reality check, he actually won on a winter road bike with mudguards and saddlebag! So that was really a rather fine ride. I took first on vets standard by dint of being the only veteran in the field!

Many thanks are due to the start crew who turned out once again in unpleasant conditions.

Pos No Name Club Time Cat Vets Std .+ / - Vets Std
1 6 Richard Wood Arbis/Colbert 24.53 S      
2 3 Robert Saunders NBRC 24.55 V53 26.59 .+ 2.04 I
3 5 Lindz Barral 26.22 S      
4 4 Mark Westwood TeamMK 26.35 S      
5 1 Ducan Cartledge TeamMK 27.57 S      
6 2 Fred Coleman TeamMK 31.59 S      
Time keepers :- Steph Cousins & Tony Farmborough NBRC           
Pusher off :- Bryan Scarborough NBRC