Club Run Reports


 Here are links to club run reports..

10th May, 2009 "Three for a Tenner" Alan sent this report in, somewhat out of the blue!   

8th February, 2009 'Seduced by the Dark Side' in which Alan 'Tintin' Lawson returns from paternity leave armed with his iPhone, from which he sends this report.

12th October, 2008'Tarmac trophy, I believe we have a winner' 

5th October, 2008'Where were you?' 

28th September, 2008 Run to the Hills...

14th September, 2008 Phil who?

there was a brief absence of reports - something to do with a baby, I hear...

 17th August, 2008 Adam's Bottom

 10th August, 2008 The Old Warden Incident

 3rd August, 2008 The Hunt for a Tea Stop

 27th July, 2008 Dick Selley's Disguise 

 20th July, 2008 ...and the Breakaway Succeeded 

 13th July, 2008 Roll up for the Mystery Tour 

 6th July, 2008 The Hard Man Returneth 

 29th June, 2008 In the Shadow of Greatness 

 22nd June, 2008 The Wind in the Willows 

  11th May, 2008 Accident and Emergency, Part 1 

 4th May, 2008 Finely regimented by Major Richards

27th April, 2008 Nowhere to rest my briar

 20th April, 2008 The Fog!

 13th April, 2008 A well-oiled machine

 Snow! And only Darren turned out, we hear...

30th March, 2008 Warning! Dutch elm disease

 16th March, 2008 - Small turn out!

 9th March, 2008 - Follow me lads, I have no idea where I'm going!

2nd March, 2008 - Full English, please!

24th February, 2008 - Previously on "Lost"...(Reliability Trial Report)

17th February, 2008 - Red Bull pit-stop

 10th February, 2008 - Alien abduction?

 3rd February, 2008 - Good grief, yet more gales!

27th January, 2008 - Alan's Quantum leap

20th January, 2008 - another windy day, and our hard men don't avoid Tom's Hill!

13th January, 2008 - a windy day, and our dedicated team avoid Tom's Hill! 

6th January, 2008 - a catalogue of slips and slides!