Following on from my previous four performances on the Bow Brickhill hill climb, in which I managed to achieve the same time for all of them, despite actually training for the last two, I finally let the K2 of Bedfordshire alone for this year, but was pleased to see a very good turnout at the bottom of said mount.
Swiss was there with stop watches a plenty, bedecked in an outfit that would not go amiss on one man & his dog (stick with the skate wear Tony).
As I sped leisurely up the hill to man the finish line, I was met with some amazement to a rickshaw coming down the hill, with the rider exclaiming that he will be back up in a moment. It is true that NBRC & cycling in general does attract its 'characters', but there is a limit, top marks anyway.
After the formalities were out of the way & heart rates returned to normal, we had around 20 or so riders up for a club run. Now apologies for anyone I've missed but I only took the register at the tea stop, with the list as follows Chris (Selley), Tony (Brunton), Daz, JB, Big Dave, Gordon, Russ, Frank, Danny, James (Fox), Phil (Murphy) & myself. I'm sure Clive (Faine) & a few others joined us to begin with, but took an early bath.
A route to Cheddington was agreed upon & through the Brickhills we sped. With such an amount of riders, it was very easy to miss ones turn at the front as we all headed into the mist (with the sunshine not making an appearance until lunchtime).
An uneventful journey out was followed by tea & cakes, with yours truly grabbing the last piece of sticky toffee pudding, much to the grimace of Frank, we all settled down to talk all things cycling.
Following the break, Big Dave & I believe Gordon had the full on platinum 'pass out' & headed for the Chilterns whilst the rest of us made our merry way back.
Fine day had by all, with a mere 45 miles on the clock for yours truly, but what a fine way to round off the NBRC racing season.