After the hammering of last week on our return leg to Blighty it was decided to adopt a more regular format for today's jollities (out into the wind, back with it). With a still weary band of brothers consisting of Hard Man Of The North, Chris (Selley), Chris (Parkes), Darren, Russell, a brief appearance from Gordon (Just trying to escape the wife) & my good self, the route was debated upon. Darren & Chris (Selley) were sporting the new club kit, which looked simply resplendent (so if you've ordered some, beat your path to darken Darren's door, without delay), which should make our Sunday runs look like the Discovery team time trial, but with more style.
HMN lamented of a fine tea room in Ivinghoe, so before you could say lots of scrummy chocolate cake & lashings of ginger beer off we set. Feeling that we were somewhat sheltered in our lives HMN gave us a guided tour of the Industrial estates & local social housing of Milton Keynes (you know I've always wondered where Yokohama's distribution HQ was) as we ambled our way towards the Chilterns. Mr. Selley commented that we might need an A-Z of Buckinghamshire to unravel this one, but I felt that the good pub guide would be nearer the mark. As we made our way through the back streets of Heath & Reach, a turning was missed causing much confusion. HMN seemed  somewhat reluctant to take us up 'Adams Bottom', so we made the next turn up Hillside Lane, which put us back on course, after we negotiated the 100M 1:4 hill that is. Which is the first time I'd managed to pop it into the little ring all year.
After a tour of Leighton Buzzard we were soon winging our way to the edge of the Chiltern Hills. Obviously our punishment of last week (which left Big Dave missing conspicuous by his absence on this outing), had its effect, as all the monster hills of the area were left well alone.
The tea room was just as depicted, like stepping back in time. A few tables were scattered with very small children, which helped to bring the average age down to 73. With tea & cake being consumed, we soon realised that we had locked our bikes up in someone else's back garden, however they were good spirited about it & soon we were on our way home.
Chris & myself waived goodbye to the group as we hit the outskirts of Leighton, getting back with 48 miles on the clock & well in time to watch the GB squad hammer Johnny Foreigner at the Olympics.
More next week, hopefully in club kit
Until Then..........................................