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Result of the NBRC Hill Climb held on Sunday 7th of October 2007  
Course:- F5z/H (Bow Brickhill)    



NBRC current outright course record of 1-38.7 is held by Karlo Porter ( 20.10.91 )

         Previous Years Times
17Matt JonesMerlin DS1-43.8Jnr. 1-58.7
29James FoxTeamMK1-56.8S2-00.31-58.3
38Luke SaundersTeamMK2-21.6Jnr.2-33.62-41.4
42Paul OwenNBRC2-29.2S  
.=5Lindz Barrali.team.co.uk2-29.2S2-39.22-44.6
64Brian PrimettNBRC2-31.5V40  
710Chris SelleyNBRC2-41.6S  
86Rob GregoryPrivate3-12.8S  
93Alan LawsonNBRC3-38.9S3-37.03-38.9
101Clare KleanthousTeamMK4-40.2LV  
Time Keepers :- Derek Taylor & Tony Farmborough NBRC    
Pusher off :- Bryan Scarborough.  Signing on & Money Steward :- Gilbert Wheelwright.   
Hello all,      
Congratulations to Paul Owen, our new club hill climb champion. Just like last years winner Martin Paul
this was Paul's first attempt too.     
An even more powefull blast off the launch pad from the super quick junior Matt Jones gave him the fastest 
time of the day, upsetting my forecast of yet another number one spot James!  
No one battled harder than Rob Gregory who, with a final cadence of approx 5 rpm and with loads of sheer 
determination heaved his 92 inch? fixed wheel track bike over the summit and across the finish line.  
I felt sick for him! Rob, now listern you're not to do that again to us…alright. Phew… 
Nice to see Clare again who at least rode Bow Brickhill with style.   
I guess this is the last time I'll get to say this but, we on the side, either pushing off, marshalling or timing
are proud of your efforts. You are, and have been right through this year determined in your endevours and it's
a pleasure to be associated with you all. We look to more of the same next year.  
In the mean time enjoy your club runs, roller racing etc and the social side of club life. 
Regards, Tony F.     

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