Result of the NBRC Time Trial

held on Wednesday 1st of August 2007


Course:- F5u/10 (Stony Stratford)


League Round Six

110Tony ParksNBRC26.21V4229.47.+3.263
217Rob SaundersNBRC27.32V4730.57.+3.254
316Lee GoodmanTeamMK27.33S   
425Daren HaseldineTeamMK27.45V4029.20.+1.3511
521Kevin StokesNBRC27.53V4430.15.+2.229
627Geoff PerryTeamMK28.03V4730.57.+2.548
723Rob ChaundyTeamMK28.07V5532.56.+4.491
818Fred EdwardsTeamMK28.08V4931.26.+3.185
97Paul OwenNBRC28.50S   
108Ian StokesNBRC29.08V4730.57.+1.4910
1128Neil Mitchell Private29.16S   
1311Clive FaineTeamMK29.50V6134.32.+4.422
1419Daren HaydonNBRC30.08S   
153Andy LambethNBRC30.33V4931.26.+0.5312
1615Mark DevlinNBRC30.43S   
1722John BuchananNBRC30.44S   
185Chris HartleyNBRC30.58V5031.41.+0.4313
191Alan LawsonNBRC31.17S   
2026Tracey HaseldineTeamMK31.19L   
2114Ed PageNBRC31.20S   
229Tony BruntonNBRC31.34V4229.47.-1.4714
2312Chris SelleyNBRC32.02S   
244Gilbert WheelwrightNBRC32.08V6435.22.+3.146
2520Abi GoochTeamMK32.58L   
266Gordon BatcockNBRC33.03V6736.13.+3.107
272Chris ParkesNBRC33.45V4730.57.-2.4815
 13Simon CanningsTeamMK2up TTTS   
  Leigh SmithAlpha RC26.13S 
Time Keepers :- Mary Hartley & Tony Farmborough NBRC     
Hello all,       
Again we got the weather right which meant once again we could leave the umbrellers in the boot of the cars together   
with the waterproofs.      
Many congratulations to Tony for winning tonights event with a stunning ride which produced a further 24 sec improvement
on his PB.        
Other improvments made were as follows,     
Lindz Barral, Im18sec.       
Ed Page, 1min.      
Alan Lawson, 29sec.      
Geoff Perry, 12sec.      
Paul Owen, 4sec.      
Well done all of you.      
Rob was pleased with his performance and second spot in tonight event.     
No punctures and no acrobatics to entertain the assembled and I must say, much dissapointed crowd. Sad that! 
I should tell you all that Rob lent his spare front wheel to Simon and with it went the much dreaded "Saunders 2007"  
super bug for which, there is no known cure. Yep, you've all guessed it, Simon managed to get a thorn in his rear tub!
Simon, a word of advice is called for here. Didn’t you notice that striking similarity between Rob and the "Grim Reaper" 
Those hollow sinister dark glasses, the stoop, those long cold skelitor fingers gripping that wheel that he thrust it into  
your eagger hand. Didn't you feel that icy chill?     
Picture if you will that scene in "Treasure Island" when the blind begger pushed the black spot into the innocent and 
youthfull Jim Hawkins hand….just like him, from that moment on you were trapped…there's more you should have noticed
The absence of bird song, the constant disturbance of the dust on the car park floor around Rob's feet. All the signs were
there for you to see….but you do need to stop, look & listen and be aware. Yep, that's it ..just like a level crossing! 
Once again, many thanks to Mary and Nell for both timing you away, Bryan for pushing off, Pete money steward.
Gilbert for checking the result sheet and the rest of you for taking part.    
Next week we are back on the super quick F5c/10 course. First rider off at 19.00hrs. This event will also have the added
attraction of a handicap award. The winner of which will be awarded "The Hale Trophy"  
Keep smiling…Tony.(just what's he on anyway) F