Here is the final points tally for the NBRC Veteran Time Trial League.

The points from each rider's 7 best results are added to give the final tally. The points scale ensures all riders who finish an event gain points.

Apologies for the delay, I needed to check how my spreadsheet functioned. In 2020 I hope to post regular weekly league updates.

This year, a tie for first place! 


Rider Club Points  
Adrian Cox TeamMK 1000 1st Male
Robert Saunders NBRC 1000 1st Male
Kevin Stokes Born To Bike 970 2nd Male
Jason Lee TeamMK 960 3rd Male
Andy Wickham Corley 920  
Mark Halliday Unatt 780  
Tim Bailey NBRC 770  
Andy Rose Equipe Velo 730  
Geoff Perry Born To Bike 730  
Trevor Hook TeamMK 720  
Graeme Church TeamMK/NBRC 700  
Steph Cousins TeamMK/NBRC 690 1st Woman
Trevor Watson Bossard Wh 590  
Andy Sharman Baines Racing 570  
Helene Wight QN Racing 570 2nd Woman
Alan Crane Chronos RT 495  
Simon Hanrahan Unatt 490  
Ant Newland Bossard Wh 460  
Mark Avil QN Racing 450  
Ian Markham Chronos RT 380  
Paul Woodham Bossard 360  
Steve Torley MKRC/NBRC 350  
David Crane Chronos RT 315  
Aaron McCaffrey MKRC/NBRC 300  
Martin Dickens OUCC 300  
James Fox CC Luton 270  
Clive Faine TeamMK/NBRC 250  
Ian Stokes 45 Road Club 240  
Mark Simmons OUCC 240  
Richard Wood TMG Horizon 220  
Katja Rietdorf Born To Bike 210 3rd Woman
Richard Moule Bossard Wh 190  
Trevor Parrish A5 Rangers 180  
Jo Parker  TeamMK 160  
Sarah Short QN Racing 150  
Dave Dent GS Stella 150  
Stuart Short QN Racing 140  
Glenn Tearle Unattached 130  
Paul Dyett Bossard Wh 115  
Steve Taylor MKRC 110  
Neil McAndrew TeamMK 90  
Dan Ellis Unattached 50  
Kevin Creese Chronos RT 45  
Lucian Morris Icknield RC 30  
Teresa Wesley Corley 30  
James Stride Unattached 10