We're racing on the Astwood course using the version starting in Astwood, on Saturday 14th September, starting at 9am. Entry is £4.00 for members, £6.00 for non-members.

All are welcome: make sure you turn up in time to sign on. You'll need a mechanically sound bike and a bike helmet. We recommend the use of a rear light. You need to be 12 or over to ride time trials; if you are over 12 but under 18 you will need permission from a parent or guardian to take part (download a permission form in pdf format and in Word format).

The course has a route description and a risk assessment. Make sure you have familiarised yourself with the course, and remember that time trials are held on open roads - take care and be observant of other road users!

Download the latest Course Description and Risk Assessment (pdf)

For riders new to time trialling, here's a brief introduction to time trials.  

Results, including rider names and club affiliations, will be posted online following the event.

Please remember that the Salford bridge over the A421 is now closed, and won't re-open until May 2020 at the earliest - please factor this in to your ride to the event.



This is the final event in the NBRC TT League - apologies for the late posting of the results. I had no internet access for a few days.

Thanks to Dick and Steph for timing and signs. 

Rider ID Pos No Name Club Time Cat Sex Age Vets Std .+ / - Vets Pos
ID67 1 3 Adrian Cox TeamMK/NBRC 00:23:49 V M 58 00:27:28 00:03:39 1
ID30 2 8 James Fox   00:24:07 V M 44 00:26:22 00:02:15 2
ID39 3 7 Richard Wood   00:24:09 V M 42 00:26:12 00:02:03 4
ID82 4 5 Chris Old Kettering CC 00:24:26 S          
ID3 5 6 Andy Wickham Corleys 00:24:49 V M 49 00:26:45 00:01:56 5
ID110 6 2 Mark Halliday Unatt 00:25:13 V M 56 00:27:17 00:02:04 3
ID123 7 4 Lilli Peters TeamMK/NBRC 00:31:19 S          
ID8 8 1 Graeme Church TeamMK/NBRC 00:31:47 V M 53 00:27:03 -00:04:44 6